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Crazy is the Forecast of the Week

This week has been week #2 of celebrity studio magic!

It started with David Santos. We sent our tracks and session files to him in Nashville at about 10 A.M. EST, and had bass tracks from him by the end of the day. I was ecstatic when I heard them; It's so easy to envision what you want to hear on your music, but to articulate it to another musician is a completely different set of skills. David had instinctually played what I had envisioned for the tunes we sent him ('Firebird', 'Solid Ground' and my new 'Timelapse'). I thank him so much for all the faith he has put into my project. On top of that, his drive to keep working on more songs helps me push myself harder. So musical, magical, and inspiring!!

After some time with David Santos, my songs were sent over to the West coast into the hands of Kenny Aronoff. Kenny was excited about the songs, 'Firebird' in particular. He put on his producer hat for the song and made some changes to the structure, making it even more radio-friendly. I don't want to spoil anything, but I think it brings a fresh life to the song. After we adjusted the structure he charted his parts and away he went. It's amazing to be able to see how a musician of his caliber works - and to hear the cleanliness and precision of the results! He set the songs up as a story, and really gives an arc to them.

To top it off, we were connected with an astounding guitarist named Ira Siegel. He is working on recording two of the songs now. This whole process of recording cross-country would not be possible without the technology of today. It has been invaluable in the progression of my album, and it's extremely convenient. To quote Ira,  "I have to laugh every time I turn on the radio and hear a song I recorded in my living room with my pajamas on." I feel so lucky & blessed to be able to work with these musicians. They have all been present in the music I grew up with; it is a very surreal feeling to hear them behind my own music!

As we continue plugging away in the studio, we are getting closer to the big show at the Fairgrounds! I will be performing at the Payton's 'One Day' Fundraiser, this May 21. It is an acoustic event from 12 - 6pm. I will be doing all of my songs, including 2 new ones, and a couple of awesome covers. I would love to see you there showing your support for an awesome cause and enjoying the entertainment! :)


 Until next time friends!


Spontaneity is the Spice of Life

And I'm enjoying mine sipping a warm cup of jasmine green tea :) I don't know about you guys but for me I've been beaming all day, despite the gloominess outside! I had a blast at the Rome Capitol Theatre this past weekend, and I even got to debut my new song called Timelapse. I performed in a benefit put on by the John Hayes O'Neill Dance Studio, and I met so many awesome people there. The studio has a show every spring but this year all of the proceeds went to support a student of the studio who has been conquering aplastic anemia for ten years and is recovering from a bone marrow transplant. During the show I found out that it was the students' idea to turn the night into a benefit for their peer, and to me that was one of the most touching parts of the evening. I was so happy to get to spend some time with all of the students and to get to perform for the Rome community! Here's some memorabilia and pictures, for those of you who weren't there!

 merch table @ the Capitol

 meeting and greeting


 chatting with some fans



 me onstage - hi!!

 Thank you, Rome! À bientôt!


Spring is on the way and I think everyone is ready for things to be in bloom. Things always seem to pick up when the weather changes - more work, more sun, and more fun! It's easy to daydream about living somewhere warm, but I keep reminding myself to be grateful for where I live right now. I recently attended a tsunami relief fundraiser at my favorite restaurant, Ichiban. The restaurant is a Japanese Steakhouse, and the owner is Japanese (duh) so she organized the whole thing. The restaurant was setup buffet style and it like such a special occasion. The best part was seeing all of the customers come together, not only supporting Japan but the restaurant and Chiyeko (the owner) as well.  And to top it off, it was absolutely dee-lish. 


On my mind grapes (and in my ear grapes) today is Cee Lo Green's most recent album "LadyKiller" I'm lovin' it - it has a totally retro vibe to it. When I listen to it I feel like I'm driving along in a red convertible in the middle of 1969, but with the improved technologies of 2011! Good job, Cee Lo :) It always feels inspiring to take in music that is new to the senses. I think everything you listen to affects how you feel to some level, and therefore how you write, so maybe this will bring something new and different to my brain. You just never know. ;)

Will be posting footage from the Rome show, and hopefully other fun news and stuff, so watch out!


all my love,




New website, new frontiers!!

Hello friends!

I am so excited to announce that my new website has been launched! You can now find out all the latest-greatest from right from your mobile device, for those of us fancy people who have a mobile device ;)

Life has been keeping me busy, busy. In addition to all of my own craziness, I spent all of last week at Camden high school. My dad does sound for their musical, and I have helped him out for these past two years. This year, during their awesome production of Annie, I played a few of my songs at intermission and I was overwhelmed by the positive response from the audience and the students. Thank you guys so much!

I feel like I really connected to the students there, they are a really fun and open bunch; not afraid to let their colors shine! They made me feel like the cool kid I never was in high school, which just goes to show you, you can be whoever you want to be... Hi Camden, I <3 you!

We've spent a good chunk of this week recovering from when the studio was flooded just before Camden's show (is it weird that the word "chunk" makes me want a chocolate chip cookie?) Our problems are nothing compared to those dealing with the aftermath of the tsunami in Japan. A tragedy like that makes you grateful for everything you have.

Much more exciting news is brewing here, and I cannot wait to share it with you via my new blog!! So stay tuned for updates on live show dates, exclusive photos, and a whole lot more!



p.s. If anyone has an idea for a blog title, please share it in a comment below :) I'd love to hear!